Jose L. Flores


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Summary:        Extensive experience in enterprise and systems software development life-cycle.

                                Expertise in software architecture design on Microsoft  platforms

                                Deep knowledge of NT, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 kernel & HAL internals, Win32 base services, kernel development.

                                Experience dealing with customer facing challenges and operating as technical point of contact to external organizations

Experience with x.500/PKI, SSL, encryption algorithms, authentication and access controls, firewall implementations

Capable coordinator of off-shore development projects

Business/customer centered with emphasis on high quality and high return


Skills:              Proficient in C/C++, Intel x86 assembly. Working knowledge of MFC, Java, various other languages/libraries.

Understanding of WDM, KMDF, WDF, keyboard, mouse, storport, PCI, ISA driver architectures.

Highly skilled at debugging C/C++ or assembly images, with or without source, modifying system level code

without source code, hooking/monitoring system/3rd party APIs, reverse engineering.

Familiar with NT File System architecture, COM/DCOM, some web technologies.

Some experience with C#, Powershell, Javascript, WFP,

Developed numerous systems level utilities for personal use.


Publications:  Articles featured in Windows Developers Journal.

                                Various articles published on the web.


Experience:     Consulting Partner

2009-present: Joya

·          Developed disk and volume filter driver for caching block level I/O

·          Designed and developed registry filter for monitoring and filtering registry access

·          Designed and developed file system mini filter used for system security and application hardening

·          Designed and developed method for protection user-mode process from injection and termination

·          Provided analysis and design ideas for intercepting key strokes from certain processes

·          Developed and shipped commercial driver to suppress error log messages from 3rdparty image

·          Analysis, design suggestions for anti-piracy security software

·          Provided skeleton samples, consulting for Infiniband instrumentation driver using WMI

·          Designed and implemented TDI filter capturing all TCP streams for processing

·          Provided design and architectural guidance for TCP Offload Engine (TOE) kernel mode software

·          Designed and implemented fully functional Winsock Direct Path sample

·          Sample consisted of NDIS miniport driver, kernel mode proxy, and WSD Winsock Provider DLL

·          Guidance given during debug cycle resulted in product direction correction.

·          Modified Microsoft Outlook plugin voice recording and playback.

·          Designed and developed KMDF storage port driver for solid state drive for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.

·          Designed and developed volume filter driver providing HSM-like capabilities.

·          Designed and developed disk filter driver providing HSM-like capabilities.

·          Designed and developed storage port driver using RAM and files as backing stores

·          Numerous C# based utilities and GUIs.


Software Architect

                                2005-2009: Blue Coat Systems, Austin, TX

·          Provided technical guidance and product direction

·          Provided competitive analysis

·          Lead effort for 300K seat deployment in education market

·          Primary technical contact for external customers.

·          Presented product strategy and technical direction at industry events

·          Reviewed and authored cross-organizational functional specifications

·          Conducted regular code reviews

·          Investigated integration of custom OS onto Hyper-V hypervisor

·          Designed and developed proxy to intercept and crack SSL-encapsulated traffic including HTTPS

·          Wrote pieces of core infrastructure for hooking arbitrary code in system and 3rd party modules

·          Designed and implemented patent-pending malware detection engine.

·          Part of team that develops on-demand secure-access SSL VPN software

·          Developed various diagnostic debugging tools for RA and WD products line

·          Lead developer on the SG Client product

·          Designed and developed proxy-based architecture for SG Client product. Client runs on XP, Vista Windows 7.

·          Authored TDI filter for redirecting TCP traffic to through a protocol proxy

·          Authored in house development and analysis tools in C# and Windows Powershell

·          Designed and developed WMI in-process provider for product management infrastructure. 

·          Authored core portion of the SG Client windows service.

·          Designed and developed CIFS protocol proxy for Wide Area File Systems (WAFS) acceleration of the SMB protocol.

·          Performed analysis and debugging on a variety of products other than those directly assigned

·          Reverse engineered malware to understand and develop behavioral based mitigation and detection

·          Investigated Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) migration from TDI

·          Several patents pending


Senior Software Developer

                                2004-2005: ServerEngines, Austin, TX

·          Designed and implemented a virtual bus driver for a multi-protocol offload engine

·          Reviewed and prototyped support code implementing necessary interfaces required by Vista/Longhorn RDMA chimney

·          Ported and debugged NetBSD TCP/IP stack to windows. 

·          Made modifications to the TCP stack to comply with Microsoft Chimney Offload specification

·          Created kernel mode simulation code to mimic the interface to a 10GB NIC to allow for software development without hardware

·          Participated in design reviews and debugging prototype SCSI StorPort driver for 10GB iSCSI offload


Senior Software Developer

                                2003-2004: Qlogic, Austin, TX

·          Designed and implemented proprietary hooking technique allowing packet injection between TCP and IP layer

·          Implementing WMI provider exposing IPMI interface to proprietary BMC.

·          Various configuration and diagnostic tools for SCSI and LAN based products.


Software Developer

                                2003: Interactive Silicon, Austin, TX

·          Block level compressed, caching project. Components included files system filter and volume filter.

·          Developed skeleton driver for TCP/IP stream compression via TDI filtering over the standard TCP stack.


Senior Member Technical Staff - Windows Lead

                                2000-2002: Times N Systems, Austin, TX

·          One of original 10 employees, designed and implemented generic kernel mode profiling library.

·          Designed and implemented patent-pending OS extension synchronization primitives.

·          Co-designed and implemented a fault tolerant, WDM-aware distributed volume manager

·          FT was distributed RAID1 with load balancing on fail over

·          Volume manager was Microsoft clustering (MSCS) aware

·          Developing Winsock Direct Path implementation over proprietary SAN

·          Wrote NDIS protocol driver for storage virtualization product

·          Wrote TDI kernel client over TCP/UDP for storage virtualization product

·          Wrote various storage server packages including SRV -like cached file server, redirector  (CIFS / SMB) client

·          Ported NT PCI driver from NT 4.0 to WDM controlling massively parallel processor (MPP) interconnect

·          Involved in various research, designs and analysis including load balancer, shared file system, Software-only migration.

·          Wrote MFC-based CFG tool, perfmon DLL, various analysis tools, kernel software


Developer Consultant/Software Engineer

                                1998-2000:Numega Technologies (Compuware), Nashua, NH

·          Lead Developer True Coverage for Drivers – Designed and implemented much of product core. Designed MSVC IDE integration port and Contributed code. Added significant performance, memory footprint enhancements

·          Reverse engineered competing product in its entirety in order to provide complete functional documentation of the competitor's capability.

·          Developer Driver Studio - developed several unique views representing various information on and relationships between driver, device, and symbolic link objects. Also developed code to find and traverse NT's object tree from a crash dump file

·          Contributed to Softice maintenance -wrote minor bug fixes, command extensions

·          Provided a variety of information to a wide range of developers. From application developers, to well-known device driver consultants and instructors.

·          Supported DriverWorks, VToolsD, BoundsChecker for Drivers, TrueTime


Circuit Card Assemblies Webmaster

                                1996-1997: Texas Instruments Inc., Plano, TX

·           Developed new technical documents in HTML format

·          Wrote CGI/JavaScript-based scripts to gather feedback

·           Maintained and organized CCA website


                                Software Development Engineer

                                1995-1996: Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, TX

·           Developed a JavaScript/Java/CGI-based SQL database front end

·           Designed and developed HTML-housed Graphical User Interfaces



                                1993-1994: ALCOA., Point Comfort, TX

·           Wrote several internal data analysis scripts

·          Process flow data entry


Education:       The University of Texas - Austin Bachelor of Science degree

Electrical and Computer Engineering major Dean's List Fall 1993