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Windows Driver Development by Joya Systems, LLC
Internals - API Hooking
Windows Hardware Developer Central
NDIS Developers Reference
Undocumented Windows NT/2000 Native Functions
Crash Dump Analysis and Debugging Portal
OSR Online
Undocumented Windows/NT Functions
Open Reverse Code Engineering
CodeBreakers Journal


Mark Russinovich on TechNet
A Hole in my Head (by Doron Holan)
Nynaeve (by Ken Johnson's)
Invisible Things (by Joanna Rutkowska's)
Confessions of an Old Fogey (by Larry Osterman)
The Old New Thing (by Raymond Chen)
Advanced Windows Debugging and Troubleshooting
Kernel Mustard (by Steve Dispensa)
Pointless Blathering (by Peter Weiland)
Stuff mostly about Windows Fundamentals (by VolkerW)

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Device Driver Development
Windows Debugger - WinDbg